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How to Hire That Extraordinary It Project Manager

How to Hire That Extraordinary It Project Manager

When it’s time to hire a new IT Project Manager, it can really be a daunting process.

There are so many things to take into consideration, like not only hiring the IT Project Manager with the most technical skills.  You want that extraordinary IT Project Manager gives you the comfort that your project is in reliable hand saving your business time and money. Hiring the IT Project manager with only the technical skills but not the broader skills may pan out to be a second rate IT Project Manager that will drain your resources as well as costs your business time and money.


Give yourself an adequate timeline to find your next IT Project Manager, make sure there is enough time between hiring the IT Project Manager and the start of the project.  In situations like this when you rush you will have limited choices in IT Project Manager candidates. This leads to hiring an IT Project Manager who is OK but may not the candidate you’re looking for with the highest quality.  Time management is key when hiring an IT Project Manager.





When formulating the job description a rule of thumb is to not choose a cookie cutter IT Project Manager job description.  Make your job description around someone who has comprehensive knowledge of business-wide goals. The type of IT Project Manager that has this understanding will make sure all the projects tasks are aligned with your business’ objective and your company brand will flourish.  The foundation that your business has made will be maintained.



There are quite a few ways to network to find that diamond in the rough candidate.  First, you should look on IT Project Management professional networks on places like Linkedin or reach out to colleagues. I also recommend you speak to others in the profession, ask around about well-suited candidates for your position.  There’s usefulness in speaking to other experts who are knowledgeable in IT Project Management to they may be able to refer you to some candidates and offer some insight into finding your candidate.  Having that conversation with your colleagues and others in the industry will keep you in the loop of finding that remarkable IT Project Manager.

When you combine these few tips within your hiring process and, nine times out of ten, you’ve made a great hire. If you need help or have experienced challenges hiring IT Project Managers who fit your company’s values and culture- contact Nicole Perry @ Staffing USA: (609) 496-5200 or [email protected]

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