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How To Be A Standout IT Project Manager

How To Be A Standout IT Project Manager

Have you been looking for ways to be a better IT Project Manager?  To heighten your skills? To put yourself more in demand, to reach new heights of your career –  here are a few tips to become a standout IT Manager.

Performance Evaluation
The ability to self-assess after each project, reach out to the consumer or stakeholders for feedback and reviews.  As a IT Project Manager (PM) you may feel like your overall performance was stellar however the stakeholder may view your performance differently.  Use the feedback and review to point out things you didn’t know about yourself, and to improve and reinforce your PM skills. This type of assessment will aide you in steering you into a great career.  

Be a Leader First
Be a leader first then a manager.  Set the vision then motivate and inspire to have unity amongst your team.  Set the priorities and produce effective results to deliver the project to success.  If you have an effective, focused and deadline driven team, you will raise your value as a IT Project Manager.  As a standout IT Project Manager, having the ability to know what drives your team is crucial, and to avoid having a dysfunctional team this will deplete your value.  

Know How to Prioritize
Stay on course with the project priorities to deliver the highest value.  Stakeholders and customers have their own agenda to move their interests to the top of the priority list.  To stand out as a IT PM you should communicate the priorities and remove the stumbling blocks. A standout IT Project Manager takes the time to determine what the Critical Success Factors (CSF) are.  They identify the CSF, apply the resources associated with the CSF, then examine the risk to then keep the team from any distractions and keep everyone on task with the priorities.

The IT Project Manager always saves the day when they bring order to the disorder. When you’re looking find the best IT Project Management position – contact Nicole Perry @ Staffing USA: (609) 496-5200 or [email protected].

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