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Is Your Project Not Hitting It’s Deadlines?
We Can Help...


When it’s time to hire, you can always depend on Staffing USA to deliver on time!

Let us match you with only the best to work on your contracts today!

Need A Qualified Candidate?

Are you hitting its deadlines?  Has your company been over-budget? Is there a lack of understanding around the candidates being placed?  Has tasks not been prioritized correctly causing delays in filling the roles?


A new  Staffing USA candidate is what you need to give  your position the correct direction. Out first rate candidate will exceed your expectations by keeping your company within budget, meeting your recruiting deadlines in its prioritized order. The candidate will have an understanding of the position to deliver successful overall experience.

Looking for passive candidates?

Is there a gap between the business needs and new talent expectations?  Are you missing deadlines due to lack of recruiting? Are you having issued with building . a pipeline of qualified candidates?  Not enough time in the day to read through resumes that don’t fit the mold?  


Our talent pool is what you need to bridge the gap between the need of the business and the candidate expectations.  Our candidate will not only be qualified but they will match your business culture.  Our priority is to ensure the candidate is an all around fit for the position not just one whose qualifications fit the bill. 

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What We Offer

Contract Staffing

Do you need a contractor for a short-term or long-term project?  We are here to streamline your process and make it easy for you. There’s no hiring or firing we’ve got you covered!

Our contract staffing solutions are readily available for your next project.


Trying to figure out if your contractor fits the mold for your company?  Our Contract-To-Hire gives you the opportunity to select a candidate and keep then on our payroll for an extended period of time while working for you. We will diligently find you the right candidate.

Direct Hire Search Solutions

We have a proven proprietary process matching your business need with our candidate base.  We take every step to make sure you have the most sought-after candidates within our handpicked talent pool.  We will deliver your next rock star employee!

Our Process

Comprehensive Analysis

We conduct a comprehensive analysis to build a profile of your optimal IT Project Manager or IT Business Analyst.

Pipeline Candidates

We establish an intricate pipeline of candidates customized to match your specific needs

Consolidate Search

You will will conduct a series of back to back interview of chosen 5 star candidates.

Final Selection

This is your final selection stage and we ease your process by managing all recruitment and negotiations

Candidate Search Completion

We have found found the candidate you want to hire, knowledgeable, a standout above the rest in record time

Benefits You Receive When Working With Us

We Find & Secure Only The Best Talent For You

We take every step forward to help you reach your goals. This starts with finding the best and brightest candidates who are ready to represent your brand.  Between our personal network connections and our proven talent search process, we handpick the absolute best fit for your company.

Competitive Edge

Why work with us?  Our customers are the heart of everything we do. We really do care about your business, what your goals are, and what you are passionate about.  It’s all about you and helping to get you to the next point in your business.

Hit Your Project Deadlines and Save You Money

Our candidates are goal oriented and deadline driven.  Their focus is your company need. “Time is money”, we understand that keeping your contract within its deadline will also keep it within budget.

Save Time

We have a streamline process to help you save time and energy finding that diamond in the rough candidate. We will handle all of the searching, screening, reference checking and recruiting for you. All you have to do is review the matched resume, show up for the interview and make the decision to hire. It’s that simple.

Schedule a consultation

Help me help you.

Tell me what you need and we will get straight to it.